Next Generation Hybrid MLM Plan

This hybrid plan will help you to grow with our system. System is develop in such a way that you can earn maximum profit in working as well as non=working platform.


As seen in above image we works on branding as well as user attraction. We have strong back up system design for you.

Friendly Interface

All the UI and graphical interface designed in such a way you can use it in very familier manner

Powerful Plan

Plan in develop in such a way that you can earn maximum profit in working as well as non working way.

New Widget

Newly design widgets and feature help customer to get extra benifits and increase there revenue.

Instant Notifications

Our powerful system sends a proper and instant notification on every transaction.

Online Verification

In these system we verify online identity, to stop misuse of systme and work in aunthetic way

Super Fast Sync

Work in sync method that is very super fast that increase productivity.

Best MLM for you. Start Marketing with

Create groups, add contacts by own, spread it.

  • Using social media platform spread our referal link with users worldwide.
  • Use your personal contact and tell them about this plan.
  • Take positive feedback and join them to system
  • System is growing constantly at big success rate. You can make benifit of these.
One step away from your Income

Start with "HOW ARE YOU?"

Just start with one message and explain our plan to the new user. You can make big benifits of these stratergy.

High Quality Stratergies.
  • Simple stratergies that change MLM Industry.
  • These plan will change the wind of MLM Industry with there skill sets of marketing and branding.
  • You have to do the non stop marketing of BM4U and you can become prime members of our system.

More Faster, More Powerful Income

Try to achieve a big and powerful income source.


Plan Amount


Total Income


Minimum Withdrawal

10k+ Customers Love BM4U

In starting days BM4U got the big love from public. 10K+ People have love BM4U.


BM4U Changed the MLM sector by applying hubrid plans


BM4U is always BEST


BM4U makes my life easier.

Scheduling and Planning

Proper Scheduling and planning.

Multi-language Support

Multiple Language support

Real Time Customization

We have a big support system that help in support for real time customization.

Rapid Customer Support

Our online and on call customer help support will give you instant support.


Go BM4U. Be Powerful

Become a big powerful leader of BM4U.

BM4U Plan
$ 499 /-Rs
  • Direct Referal Income
  • Single Leg Income
  • Generation Income
  • 2X2 Autofill Income
  • Binary Income 1:1
  • Royalty Income
  • Franchaisee Income
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Note!Payment Daily. Withdrawal Monday & Thursday. Minimum Withdrawal 300/-, Maximum 3600/- One Direct Cumpulsory for withdrawal. TDS 5% Admin Charges 10%

A Combo Unique Networking System.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I update or cancel my personal information?
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How do I download videos from online viewing?

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Why do you require Bluetooth to be on?

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How do I add a photo to an item?

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How do I edit a filter to modify which items it shows?

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Feature Overview - Stores & Filters

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Will there be a NextApp Android app?

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